From February 13th to 17th, AMOSPHERE participated in the Respond A project demonstration in Valencia. The main goal of the project is to streamline emergency response for first responders in disaster scenarios, thereby increasing efficiency and saving lives.

During the pilot use case at the port of Valencia, we could see a simulation of two dangerous goods vehicle collision resulting in a fire and oil spill. The demonstration convinced us that integration of drones with other mission-critical communication technologies (MCC) can be useful in emergency situations.

In the event of a fire, the drone demonstrated disaster localization by sending live telemetry data to the command-and-control center via a 5G link from air to the ground. This allowed first responders to deploy their resources more efficiently by precisely locating the fire. Likewise, when an oil spill occurred, a drone assisted in identifying the source of the spill, enabling first responders to react more quickly.
Within the Respond A project ATMOSPHERE provided two self-built Octocopter drones with payload such as camera that broadcasts live video directly to the ground crew. To ensure uninterrupted communication between the drone and the ground crew, we implemented a multi-channel communication system. This includes connectivity via 5G, ground radio and satellite. Communication system allows first responders to get a real-time view of the disaster area and therefore make informed decisions.

End-user feedback highlights the significant advantage of equipping drones with satellite communications. This technology offers reliable communication with drones for longer distances, making them effective even in areas where traditional communication channels are unavailable.

The Respond A project was a success, displaying the importance of cooperation between first responders and technology providers to enhance emergency response capabilities and improve public safety. We are looking forward to future projects that bring together the latest technology, innovative ideas, and first responders to make the world a safer place.