ATMOSPHERE was on board for the HALO PHILEAS mission from August 2023 until October 2023, ensuring a seamless flight test operation.

The PHILEAS research campaign studied the dispersion of heavily polluted air from Southeast Asia into Europe's lower stratosphere.

DLR's HALO research aircraft, equipped with around three tones of scientific instruments, played a pivotal role, and contributed to essential trace gas measurements during the campaign. Remote sensing of the Earth, atmospheric physics, and the crucial issue of climate change will all be clarified by the data that was gathered.

ATMOSPHERE provided PLANET service with extra campaign grade support for PHILEAS mission, meaning:

- Performing a system check prior to launching the campaign.
- Monitoring of the service during campaign flights.
- Remoting maintenance activities as necessary.

We were very happy to be involved in this project and we look forward to participating in the exciting new missions of climate research.