PLANET 9523 OEM TC06 Board

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PLANET 9523 OEM board is designed for optimal integration of satellite connectivity in user equipment or platform.


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The PLANET 9523 OEM TC06 Board integrates a 9523N Iridium Modem and a Telit LTE Modem with their SIM card holders. The board is based on an ARM processor and includes an SD card providing up to 512Gb of data storage. A GPS receiver provides autonomous timing and location. The board is also fitted with an ADS-B receiver, an inertial sensor and environmental conditions sensors (Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity). The board supports Ethernet, USB and WIFI connectivity. The TC006 board is delivered with PLANET embedded application, including video/image compression and transmission functions, and offers the possibility to host third party software.

Use case: Aircraft, Helicopter, Drones

PLANET 9523 OEM Datasheet 

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