PLANET Terminal (UAV Version)

PLANET Terminal is Iridium Certified Product.

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Iridium Golbal Line of Site Services

PLANET Terminal is deployed on the BOREAL UAV and contributed to the success of the RENOVRISK Mission.


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The PLANET Terminal is a light equipment that enables mobile communication on the ground and in the air, using Iridium satellite network and terrestrial cellular networks (LTE).

It offers a local interface (Ethernet), an extensive storage capacity (SD Card), and includes a standalone GPS receiver for timing and location. It integrates an Iridium 9523 Modem which is connected to an external antenna. It operates over a wide range of input voltage (10.5-32VDC).

The embedded PLANET application provides added value functions such as tracking, messaging and weather data exchange. PLANET web user interface enables access to the service to any connected device such as tablet, laptop or desktop.

PLANET Terminal Datasheet