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PLANET 9523 FTI is a rugged connectivity terminal designed as Flight Test Instrumentation equipment.


The PLANET 9523 FTI Terminal (Flight Test Instrumentaion) is an equipment that enables mobile communication on the ground and in the air, using terrestrial and satellite networks.

The PLANET 9523 FTI Terminal is compatible with Iridium satellite network, as well as terrestrial cellular networks (LTE). It offers local interfaces (Power, Ethernet x2), connectivity (Irdium, Wifi, LTE), mSata storage capacity and includes a GPS receiver for timing and location. An Iridium certified antenna is required to operate on-board aircraft or rotorcraft.

Embedded PLANET application, available through an additional user tablet or PC terminal, provides added value functions such as tracking, messaging and weather data exchange.

Datasheet PLANET FTI Terminal