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PLANET 9770 UAV-L & UAV-L-HP Terminals.


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The PLANET 9770 UAV-L Terminal is an equipment supporting mobile communication requirements for UAV systems on the ground and in the air, using terrestrial and satellite networks.

The PLANET 9770 UAV-L Terminal is compatible with Iridium Certus satellite network. It offers local interfaces (Power, Ethernet, Serial), mSata storage and includes a GNSS receiver for timing and location.

With a low-profile passive antenna, Iridium Certus 100 provides native IP connectivity (up to 88kbps). Antenna specs: 134g, 38mm height, 80mm diameter.

Embedded PLANET application, available through an additional user tablet or PC terminal, provides added value functions such as tracking, messaging and weather data exchange.

Datasheet PLANET 9770 UAV-L Terminal

Datasheet PLANET 9770 UAV-L-HP Terminal